Saturday, September 25, 2010

Colombia - Popayan and Pasto

Tonight we arrived in Pasto and are staying overnight before heading across the border to Ecuador tomorrow, and then on to Otavalo. The bus route we've just done is notorious for bandits, hijacking and the likes so we were advised to travel during the day, and we're glad we did because the views were amazing.

Popayan - The 'White City'...
From Popayan we went on a daytrip to Coconuco, to visit the thermal pool and mud bath at Aguas Tibias, a farm owned by an indigenous family.  It was brilliant.  After a very scary ride out to the farm on the back of motor taxis driven by youngsters we discovered we had the place to ourselves.  The mud pit was the best, basically a hole in the ground with boiling hot bubbling mud at the bottom of a murky pond. Such an unusual experience.  We felt like the proverbial pigs.

Water from bags, milk comes in bags too.
Big news about the FARC leader who was killed last week.  The raid on his territory in southeastern Colombia, not too far from here, involved 700 to 800 troops and heavy bombing. According to the president, confiscated computers and USB cards will provide the military with important information about the organization.

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